DOD SR834 Mod/Improve/Rebuild
(C)2017 Hassy All Right Reserved

40Hz HPF
(-12dB/Oct w/Analog SW?)

Balanced I/O

Divider Filter
(-18dB/Oct State Variable?)

Stereo 3Way/Mono 4Way
Analog SW?)


TRS True Balanced Out w/correct Phase
ch1/2 40Hz HPF & Lo Mono Out removed
ch1/2 *10 Frequency changed

DC shift cure (all pots are Conductive Plastic)

ch1 Balanced to Unbalance & 15dB Amp
ch2 Balanced to Unbalance & 15dB Amp
& Stereo/Mono mode improved processing

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(C)2000-2017 Hassy All Right Reserved
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