Measurement Equipments/Circuits
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Digital Osciloscope softDSP SDS200A (2ch 200MHz) Pico Technology ADC-42 (12bit 15KHZ) Digital Multimeter METEX M-3660D Handheld 006P9V Digital Multimeter CUSTOM DM-01 Handheld 006P9V Digital Multimeter SANWA DA-54LS Handheld 2*AAA TENMA 72-700 ProbeType 2*LR44 METEX P-10 2*LR44 Analaog Multimeter DarE DE-931TR 2*AAA+006P9V Circuit Probe ProductionDevices M105 Audible (R/C/ACV/DCV/Diode/Tr) 006P9V Clamp AC Current Tester Precision G0LD M920 006P9V Digital LCR Meter DarEE DE-5000 006P9V Digital L Meter Aki/Original (0.1micro - 200mH) 006P9V Digital C Meter Adapter Aki/Original (0.1p - 10nF) 006P9V Short Finder (very lo R Detector) ETI/0riginal(Under <10/1) 006P9V Contact Probe (Capacitance) EWW/Original Disconect probe 006P9V Contact Probe (-K&Ohm;) ETI/Original Disconect probe 2*2032 Audio Probe 0riginaI HighGain amp&buffer 006P9V Semiconductor Component Analyzer PEAK DCA55 GP23A12V FET IDSS/VP Analyzer FET VGS Analyzer w/Constant Current TypeI/TypeII Transistor Tester 006P9V Frequency Counter AKI/0riginal (.01-25MHz(19999)) 006P9V AKI/0riginal (.01-2.4GHz(8dgt)) AC100V 0scilator Digital Function Generator miniDDS DC15V VELLEMAN K8065 - POCKET AUDIO GENERATOR 2*CR2016/2025 TENMA 72-505 (Sin/Rec 20-20KHz 1/30ct -20pad/valiable/handheld) 006P9V Aki/0riginal (Sin/Tri/Rec/SinB 5-100XHz) 2*006P9V 0riginal ToneGen (Square/test out &HP) 006P9V Original (Dual Tri/Squ 0.3-300Hz) 2*006P9V Original (Quad Tri/Squ 0.1-1MHz) DC24V 1/3Oct Digital Audio Spectrum Analyzer G0LDLINE DSP30 8*AAA/EXT With PrinterI/0 + NV Memory + RS232I/0 RT-60 Analysis option Speaker Timing Analysis option Distortion Analysis option Portable esc/p Printer Pink Noise GeneraLor G0LDLNE PN-3A Gated Noise Generator (Continue/RT-60/STA Mode) 006P9V Vel1eman/0riginal PinkNoise 006P9V Precision Test Signal Generator Gated Signal Generator (like as Acoustilog's Impulser but Pink Noise/Pulse/Ext Sound Source) 0riginal Ext5V Stereo Level/Voltage Test set (Stereo Peak Indicator / Dual V/A Meter / HiImp Buffer
/ AC/DC Converter / DC/DC Reulator / Tester Out) Original/Kit Ext 9/12V 3Way Detector (LeveIAnalyzer) 0riginal (H/M/L 12dot) 006P9V Phase Checker 0riginal Generator (IntSP/Line 0ut) 006P9V + Detector (Int/Ext Mic In) 006P9V Speaker Phase Checkcr G0LDLINE APT-2 Phase Tester (Generator IntSP/Line/SP0ut) 006P9V (Detector IntMic/LineIn) 006P9V Cirkit/0riginal (2in1type -to+4dBm 80-12Khz Genout Int/ExtMic Detect) 006P9V Digital SPL Meter TENMA 72-860 (130dB A/C) 006P9V Analog SPL Meter Radio Shack ? w/Dolby Digital Check Disk (DVD) &/Sona C3 Acoustic Analyzer Dosimeter : Etymotic Research ER-200 AAAA*3 Stethoscope STEELMAN Contact Picktup Mic 006P9V Dual Reverse RIAA Att/Eq MJ/0riginal (Passive Turntable Simulateor)
-40dB@1kHz Dual Pad Balanced H 0riginal (-10/-20/-30/-40dB selectable XLR) Dual Pad Unbalanced T 0riginal (-10/-20/-30/-40dB selectable RCA) Variable PadBox 0riginal (Unbalanced 2P) Dual Balance to Unbalance I/0 0riginal (XLR to RCA) 006P9V/EXT Dual Unbalance to Balance I/0 0riginal (RCA to XLR) 0069V/EXT Single Balance to Unbalance Unbalance to Balance Converter 0riginl (XLR to RCA +RCA to XLR) 006P9V Dual Unbalance to Balance Driver 0riginal (SSM DriverIC RCA to XLR) AC100V Dual Balance to Unbalance Converter w/HP Driver 0riginal (SSM RecieveIC XLR to RCA/HP) AC100V Dual Line Driver/HP Buffer 0rigin (RCA to RCA/TRS) 006P9V/EXT Stereo Line Driver/Headphones Amp Original (RCA to TRS) EXT Dual FET Line/HP Driver 0riginal (EFT+0Pamp RCA to TRS) 2*006P9V/EXT Precision HeadPhones DriveAmp Dual DI Behringer DI-20 Wirlwind Direct2 (Passive) Balanced<>UnBalanced Level Converter Samson SConvert (Modified) AC18V Cable Checker/Utility Whirlwind Q-Box 006P9V Phantom Power Tester Canfordaudio P-48 Cable Tester Canfordaudio X-check (XLRetc) Cab1e Checker RF/0riginal (XLR Male/Female&3P 0K/Short/Reverce detect) 006P9V Behringer CT100 006P9V Peavey CT-10 006P9V Wiring Allocation Tester Maplin/Original Sender (16 Line Multiplex) 006P9V Receiverl(1 Line Demultiplex) 006P9V Tone Generator/InductiveTracer TrippletCorporation F0X (HiELoEDual0sc/Cont) 006P9V H0UND (Inductive highgain) 006P9V AC Detector ? 2*AG13 AC/DC Detector Metex 2*AG13 Annex 2145L 2*LR44 AC Line Monitor EasternTimeDesigns Probe100 PowerMonitor (AC Line condition analyze) Gnd Phase Detector AudioTechnica AT6097 006P9V Jensen Hummer AC Line Separator Kaise Model880 AC Noise Generator Original (Relay switching noise) Slidac (SlideTrans) AC100V 5A/500VA MIDI TESTER (RX) StudioMaster MA-36 (MIDI Protocol Analysis) 006P9V MIDI Beacon 0riginal Male/Female type MIDI TESTER (AnyStatus/Cmd/dataTX) 0riginal 006P9V Universal MIDI DataGenerator 0riginal (AnyStatus 1st/2nd generator) DC DMX Tester AmericanDJ Dr.DMX (Snd only) LSC Dr.DMX II (DMX TX/RX & MIDI Analyze) DMX Recorder/Player ELATION DMX-SOLO DMX Beacon Original (XLR3 & XLR5 Type) DMX Terminator Original (XLR3 & XLR5 Type) Logic Probe ? NR-2100 (TTL/CM0S pu1sedelay) Colluck LP-1 (TTL/CM0S pu1se/mem) Logic Pulse Generator Colluck SJ-1 16 Channel Logic Checker 0rigina (14ch addressable Trigger IN /built in triger(Pos/Neg)) AC100V Logic Pulse Generator ETI/0riginal (Mark Space assignab1e 1S-130mS TTL/CM0S) 006P9V RS-232 Tester Toshiba Electronics Pulse Counter RF Probe (LED Detect) ETI/0riginal (RF to LED) 006P9V RF Probe (Radicator) EWW/0riginal (Bag Detector) 006P9V Metal Detector Wander/0riginal 006P9V Magnetic Field Deter AKI/0riginal (Linear Hall IC) 006P9V Magnetic Field Detector EPE/0riginal (Sens Coil) 006P9V Aurola Monitor EPE/0riginal (Sens Coi1) 006P9V EMF Monitor Dr Gauss (Analog) 006P9V Proximity Sensor Shinwa iSensor 006P9V (Metal&EMF) Colluck WP105 006P9V Ultrasonic Sensor (Linear Out Original 006P9V) Optical Flicker/Noise Analyzer (Original 006P9V) Optical Flicker/Noise & EMF/EMI Dual Analyzer (Original 006P9V) TV Digital Color Pattern Genarator AKI/0riginal (with RGBC 0ut) DC TV Color Generator 0riginal (Hue:+/-180/WHT/BX) 9V RGBHV to NTSC Convertor AKI/0riginal (200Line) Ext+/-12/5 Dsub15-15 to RGBHV Buffer 0riginal Ext+/-12/5 Near field Capacitance Detector 0riginal Thelmin type senser 15V- Digital Range Meter w/DA AKI/0riginal (U1tra Sonic) 006P9V/+/-15V IR Detector 0riginal (IR Tr to LED) 2032 Precision Resistance Box PrecisionG0LD (Six Decade 6-1M 1 -MOhm;/1%1W -.1% 1/2W) C board Original R board Original Test Regulator 0riginal (AC100 to DC+/-12 & +5) 0riginal (Int DC9V or ext DC9-30V to DC+5/ DC+/-15) 0riginal (9V to 500V Upvertor + 16*Multiplier) Lo Noise Precision Test Regulator @@@@ 0riginal (Rail Splitter untill DC36V In +/-18V 1000mA) Slidac Test Power Amp AKI/0riginal (Dual 15W) Ext12V Dummy Load DALE Metalclad 8Ohm100W Sound Test CD JAS/AlanPerson's/EIAJ CP-2403 *2type/XLO Test/Burn-In Demagnetizer TEAC E-3 Infrared Thermometer w/Laser Pointer Laser Distance Meter Laser Leveler AKI PIC Develop kit + PIC MiniC Compiler etc. AKI ROM Writer AKI Silver/Gold Kit + MiniC Compiler etc. AKI Super H8 Develop Kit + H8 MiniC Compiler etc. Test Leads Etc.

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