Video Equipments/Circuits
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CRT Vector Modulation Processor
Video Synthesizer
Mind Eye
3D Video
Video Fader
Video Effector
Visual Tree
Custom Solid AV Player
Fairlight CVI V5
Fairlight CVI+Portable

2ch Audio to Video waveform Generator

Video Distributer/Buffer(1/1to3)

Color CCD Camera w/NTSC Dual+SVideo Output
(for Feedback Effect etc.)

4" LCD Display / NTSC to RGB Encoder
Buffered/Unbuffered Selectable

Wide5" LCD Display + NTSC to RGB Encoder
w/In to Buffered Output

Audio to A/B Video Switcher (Dual Out)
w/External Sync (VSync/BB etc.)
& 1frame-*frame delay function

Video Color Generator w/External Control(Flicker)

My Computer/Video Connection
2* VGA Switcher/Distributer
& UpScan Convertor

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(C)2000-2016 Hassy All Right Reserved
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