Video Synthesizer
CRT Vector Modulation Processor
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Refurbished TV Set



Modulation Coils
(V+/V- H+/H-)

Monster! Regulator


4ch Class-D PowerAmp


CV Processor


CV Processor Regulator


Vector Modulation System











Out 1/2 3/4 Coil Passive Detect

Amp Out/Coil Passive Detect


Over 10mG @10Cm w/0.3Hz Triangle Sweep





Passive Detect X -/+

Passive Detect Y -/+

Cooling/Over Heat Protection


















4ch Dual Temp Heat Protection Controller

















Vector Modulation Coil re-asignment





4ch CV Limiter/Optical VCA







Movie I Movie II Movie III Movie IV Movie V
Movie VI Movie VII Movie VIII Movie IX

Cure counter EMF (electromotive force)

Movie X Movie XI Movie XII Movie XIII Movie XIVMovie XV
Movie XVIMovie XVII Movie XVIIIMovie XIX Movie XX

4ch Function Generator

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