Custom MIDI Drum Robot
(w/Servo Linear Motor + Custom Processor/Controller)
made for Future Pirates(Mr.Tsuyoshi Takashiro)
(C)2002 Hassy All Right Reserved

Robot Mechanism





Full System/Appearance (Complete System)





Robot Mechanism -modified










Robot Mechanism Complete -attached to Stand


Ultimate Stand -Modify


"Drum Robot"










Test1 Movie (Manual Trigger)

Test2 Movie (MIDI Auto Trigger)

Test3 Movie (Robot Mechanism Modified)

Test4 Movie
(Robot Controll Modified -each Robot runs BPM=60)

Additional Robot Mechanism/Instruments




Complete (4-Mechanism Hi-Speed)

Demo Movie-1

Demo Movie-2

Complete Setting @FP

Demo Movie-3

Demo Movie-4


MIDI Robot Controller
Sensor Processor
MIDI Robot misc.
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