[Under Construction]
WEFwith enclosure

WE Affordable  Dummy Head Binaural  Microphones
      & Para Medical Piezo Mic   w/Mixer & Mic Preamp Unit

* Battery Test Load adapter
* Amadare Sound Generator
* LED Strobe Scope
* Tiny Power Amp w/Lo Boost (LM386)
* Tiny BTL Power Amp (LM386)
* Tiny LED Light several types

* Rail Splitter
   (Tr Max 50V In +/-25V 6A Out w/EMI RFI Noise Filter) 

* Discrete OPAmp Gar(API)2520 mod/improve *4
* Discrete OPAmp Gar(Melcor)1731 mod/improve *4
* Urei12034 type DOA Single *4
* Urei12034 type DOA dual *2
* Quad8 MM-100 type DOA Single *4
* Quad8 MM-100 type DOA dual *3

* Diamond PP Emitter Follower Module *8
* Diamond PP Emitter Follower Dual *2
* FET Source Follower CC Module *10
* FET Source Follower Module *10
* FET+Tr Buffer Module *10
* Tr Emitter Follower Module *10

Full Discrete Sereo Processors
* Comp/Expander Test Circuit
* 3Band EQ
* 4Band EQ
* Isolator type 3Way EQ
* Lo Hi Boost/Cut
* Loudness
* Comp/Limiter
* Expander/Gate
* Saturation
* Exciter
* Tube Preamp
* Line Buffer w/Transformer
* Dynamic Enhancers
  (Expander + Exciter etc.)

WE 4ch 10W Class-D tiny Amp w/LPF for Sublo/Tactile
WE AC Line Noise/DC Filter
WE Precision Pink Noise
*  Quad Function Generator
*  Very Lo Noise Regulator Max DC+/-20V1A

*  DSO KitiDSO138 1ch 200KHzj
*  8038 Function Generator Kit *10
*  Hiletgo Plasma(HV Ion) Speaker Kit *2
*  Hiletgo LED Fade module Kit *3
*  Hiletgo LED Room Light Kit *2

WE AMERICAN DJ RGB 3C RGB LED DMX Controller w/External Control
WE Laser CV Mixer Controller V2
WE Laser Spirogram 3 Auto w/ 200mW Green Laser
WE Dual BPM Clock Generators/Detector/HP Driver 
WE Tiny RGB LED Controller/Driver
WE 4* Clock Generators (for SSR control/Lighting)
WE USB-DMX RDM Interface
WE DMX Splitter/Isolator
WE Dual SSR Unit(10A*2 total 15A)
WE DMX 24ch Controller w/Ext CV In 
   (w/Botex MUX24 24ch CV to DMX Coverter)
WE VELLEMAN K8017 3ch Color Organ (AC)

*  RGB LED Controller/Driver
*  Botanical Bio Sensor (GSR like) typeI/typeII
*  Hypersonic Tester/Analyzer
*  LED Candle simulated Light *few type
*  Chaos X/Y Signal Generator
*  L/M/H Envelope Follower AC/DC
*  ILDA Breakout /Signal Interface
*  9*9WRGB (81W/3600lm) LED w/DMX 
*  BPM Strobe Controller

WE Bio-Feedback System
WE Strobe Unit(Dual Bulb)
WE EMG/ECG Sensor TypeIII 
    (InstrumentationAmp Preamp + Shield Drive + Right Leg Drive +DC Servo + OPAmp LPF)

* Bio Sensor TypeII (FET Preamp + OPAmp BPF)
* Sensor Test Set (V/F + Mini PowerAmp + LED Driver)
* Piezo Film Blood Flow/Motion Sensor
  (InstrumentationAmp Preamp /Artifact Cancel + DC Servo + OPAmp LPF)
* Skin Temp Sensor (Room Temp Cancel/Differencial)
* GSR Sensor (Bridge/Differencial)
* Heart Rate Sensor (OPA380 TransImpedance)
* 8ch 0-5 CV to MIDI Interface (Universal control data - CPU less)
* Digital Theremin w/VCO (Function Generator:Sin/Squ/Tri Out)
* Digital Theremin CV Out (0-5V)
* Digital Theremin *2 types

- AKI-PIC Universal *6
- AKI-PIC Platinum   
- AKI-Silver *2
- AKI-Phone Line Simulator
- AKI-Rotary Encoder *2
- Dual Dimmer CV Controller
- Dual Tachless Motor Controller


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]

WE LCS Super Nova (LD-88)
WE Samson SConvert Modified/Improved
WE Behringer FBQ800 MINIFBQ   
WE Ambient Sound Generator (modified)
WE Air Dynamics Body Speaker (PowerAmp + Air Transducer)
WE AmericanAudio AUDIO GENIE PRO *2
    (improved one for Audio Analyze / Other Output DC Mod for Laser Diaplay)

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]
WE Fujiwara-Neural Sound LPF + Amp Unit
   (with Bodysonic Soundducer *1)
    + (Module/Unit) Acouve (BodySonic) Soundducer Vt7 *1
WE Stereo Jet Phaser
WE Stereo Reverse RIAA Eq Type I (-60dB@1kHz)
WE Stereo Reverse RIAA Eq Type II (-40dB@1kHz)
WE Stereo Pad Balanced H (-10/-20/-30/-40dB selectable  XLR)
WE Stereo Pad Unbalanced T (-10/-20/-30/-40dB selectable  RCA)
WE Stereo Variable PadBox (Unbalanced 2P w/ Plastic Conductive pot)
WE Stereo Balance to Unbalance I/0 (XLR to RCA 5532D DC12V`DC36V)
WE Stereo Unbalance to Balance I/0 (RCA to XLR 356/4580DD *2 DC12V`DC36V)
WE Single Balance to Unbalance  + Unbalance to Balance Converter 
   (XLR to RCA +RCA to XLR OP07/LF411/2114DD DC12V`DC36V)  
WE Stereo Unbalance to Balance Driver (SSM DriverIC  RCA to XLR AC100V)
WE Stereo Balance to Unbalance Converter  w/HP Driver 
   (SSM RecieveIC  XLR to RCA/HP AC100V)  
WE Dual Stereo Buffer for Single Surply (+20dB/+20dB DC12V`DC48V)
WE Stereo Line Driver/HP Buffer (RCA to TRS DC DC12`30V) 
WE Stereo Line Driver/HP Buffer (RCA to RCA/TRS DC12`24V) 
WE Stereo FET Line Driver/HP Buffer (EFT+0Pamp  RCA to TRS DC+/-12`24V)
WE Precision HeadPhones Driver XLR/RCA In TRS Out 
    (OPA2604*2/LME49600*2 DC24V to 36V)

[Tested PCB/Module]

* Bozak CMA-10-2DL
  -Phono Preamp (2Mic Preamp into Stereo Phono improved) *0
  -Microphone Preamp PCB *7
  -Eq PCB *3set
  -Tone Control PCB *2set

* Bozak CMA-10-2D
  -Microphone Preamp PCB *2
  -Cue Buffer PCB *1
  -Aux Thru PCB *2
  -Phono Preamp A603C *4
  -Summing Amp A1241 *2
  -EQ Amp A1242 *2
  -Main/Mother PCB

* Bozak UK AR-6
  -Eq PCB *1
  -Mic Preamp *2

* Bozak UK Iso-X
  -I/O PCB *1

* Urei546
  -Input/Filter PCB Mono *2

* Urei 1620 
  -Eq Control PCB *4
  -Urei 1622  *1

* Urei 1620LE 
  -Eq Control PCB *3

* Rane MP2016 
  -Eq (3Way Divider) PCB *2

*Urei1620 Improve Set
 -Booth Out 
 -Cue Out
 -Audio Parts

* Dual Limitter/Compressor (Maplin/SSM2120) + Spare PCB
* Dual 5 band Graphic Eq (ADS-615 Hybrid w/Slide Faders)
* EF-458 Flat Amp *3 (UNIEL NEW w/Case)
* Stereo HP Amp (Akizuki/NJM2073/1.5-15VDC)
* Stereo 8W Amp (Akizuki/TA7240/Noisy)
* Mono 5W Amp (Akizuki)
* Bodysonic 8W BTL Amp w/100Hz LPF *5
* Class-D 100W *4ch Power Amp (Mod)
* Class-D 20W@4Ohm *1 (20W@8Ohm BTL) >Defected! need IC replace
* Electric Silen Unit (100dB<) *2

*3Band Divider *3
* Sound Enhancer
  -Stereo Loudness (OPA2604)
  -SubBass Synthesizer (4200/OPA2604*2/OPA604*2)
* 3 Band Divider (Full Circuits)
  -Stereo Balance In/Out Buffer/Controll Relay /Passive Eq (4580DD/5532N*6)
  -Stereo Lo LPF/Mid BPF/High HPF Eq (2068D*12/4580D*6)
* 2Way Linkwitz-Riley Divider (Full Circuits)
  -Stereo Output Buffer/Ultrasonic Filter/Lo Phase Control (4580D*3/5532D*2)
  -Stereo Balance Input/Subsonic Filter/Master VR (4580D*3)
  -Stereo 2Way Linkwitz-Riley Divider (4580D*5)

* Stereo 1 to 4 Para (RCA) Buffer (w/FrontPanel LM837*2)
* Stereo Balanced Driver (LM833*2/BUF634*4)
* Dual Stereo Driver (OPA604*4/BUF634*4)
* LineBuffer Small 2Preset type (LM833*2)  TypeI
* Line Buffer Discrete
* Precision HeadPhones Driver (LM4562 LME49600)

* Phono Preapmp TypeII (INA103*2/OPA2604*2/OPA604*2) *1 +2
* Phono Preapmp TypeIII (OPA2604*2/OPA604*2) *1
* Phono Preamp TypeIV (INA103*2/OPA2604*2/OPA604*4) *1

* 3Way Divider/Isolator (Filter only w/o OPAmp -18dB/Oct)
* Audio Transformer Drive 3types
  -Tr class-A 
  -BUF634 Driver
  -DRV134 Differential Driver
* Full Discrete Test Board
* 5BandEQ OPAmp *0
* 5BandEQ Discrete *0
* Reverce RIAA EQ Standard*0 Small*2
* Tactile Lolipop

* Dual Stereo In VCR  XFade + CVOSC  Controller
* Stereo VCA (CV/Digital/ 072*3/PC624)
* Stereo VCA (NE571/4580D*2)
* Loudness (For S3 //LF356/4580DD)
* Stereo Surround + Loudness (4580D/5532/C1891)
* Stereo Parametric Eq (Filter Only/LF347*2)
* Stereo Att (NEC/Passive SW 1dB Step 58db/each Ch)
* Stereo Balance Driver (2114*2 + C2655/A1020) *4
* Stereo Peak/Signal Ind (Sig&Peak LED/Ch//4558*2)
* Battle Sound Generator

* +/-18V 1A Regulator w/AC100V Transformer (from Ecler Improved) 
* +/-24V 500mA SW Regulator w/Noise Filter

* +/-20V 250mA AC Power Transformer w/o Voltage Regulator
* +/-21V 300mA AC Power Transformer w/o Voltage Regulator
* +/-20V 170mA AC Power Transformer w/o Voltage Regulator *2

* +/-18V Regulator 1A5 PCB
* -17V1A5 Regulator PCB
* +/-12V 40mA (DC9-In)

* Full Discrete Shunt Regulator (+/-18 to 24V 15A) *0
* Full Discrete Shunt Regulator (+/-18 to 24V 6A) *2
* Passive Ripple Filter (Max +/-50V I/O)

* Rail Splitter (Tr Max 50V In +/-25V 2A Out) *4
* Rail Splitter (Tr Max 50V In +/-25V 3A Out) *1
* Rail Splitter (Tr Max 50V In +/-25V 6A Out) *0
* Rail Splitter (PowerOPAmp Max36V In +/-18V 2A Out LM675) *0
* Rail Splitter (PowerOPAmp Max36V In +/-18V 2A Out LA6500)

* Simple Regulator (SBD 40V1A bridge)
* Simple Regulator (SBD +/-30V 15A)
* Simple Regulator (SBD +/-50V 2A)

* Dummy Load 
  2* w/Large HeatSync 8Ohm50W
  2* w/o Heatsync 8Ohm50W
  TRS L/R 15Ohm25W for HeadPhones Dummy

* Dual DOA Test board
* Dual FET Buffer Test board

* FET Source Follower Buffer Module (single ch.) *4+10
* FET Source Follower Buffer (dual ch.) *2
* Simple Stereo FET Buffer  
* FET Integrator (for Filter) Module isingle chj*4

* Discrete OPAmp MM-100Q8 mod/improve Dual ch. *3
* Discrete OPAmp JohnHardy 990A24V *0

* Discrete OPAmp Gar(API)2520 mod/improve PCB/Parts *4+4
* Discrete OPAmp Gar(Melcor)1731 mod/improve PCB/Parts *4+2
* Discrete Voltage Follower PCB/Parts *2
* HiZ FET Preamp PCB *2
* BB2521 DOA (OPA604) *4 
* FET/Tr Test Board


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]
[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

WE Tiny Laser Projector System
   * 20k Galvano Scanner w/DMX & ILDA
   * DPSS 532nm 150mW Laser AC100V
   * iShow Laser Contoller & Several control softwares , D/A 
   * Quad or Mini Dual OSC Laser XY Analog Controller 

WE Quad OSC w/Multi Envelope Follower X/Y Laser Analog Controller (AC100V)          
WE Mini Dual OSC X/Y Laser Analog Controller (AC100V)
WE Micro Dual OSC X/Y Laser Analog Controller (DC12V)
WE Tiny XY Scanner w/650nm <100mW

WE Flexible Lumia/Effect System (1*3RPM AC100V) *2
WE Dual Diffraction (1/3RPM *2 AC100V)
WE Aurola/Lumia Modulator (1/3RPM AC100) *4
WE Aurola/Lumia Modulator (1RPM AC100) *4
WE Laser Spirogram 3 w/o Laser (modified for external Laser Beam DC12V)
WE Liquidsky Effect System w/Controller 
WE Polygon Motor/Mirror w/Controller

WE Stars Light Projector (532nm 50mW + 650nm 100mW  w/o diffraction) *4 
WE Stars Light Projector (532nm 50mW + 650nm 100mW)  *2
WE Stars Light Projector (650nm 100mW only)
WE Laser X/Y Scan Projector (532nm 50mW + 650nm 100mW SteppingMotor)
WE Laser X/Y Scan Projector (532nm 100mW + 650nm 150mW Mini Galvano) 
WE Laserpod - Supernova (650nm & 532nm Lasers) 
WE Dual motor Spiro System  w/532nm <10mW Laser
WE Dual motor Spiro System w/650nm <100mW Laser
* 445nm <1000mW Laser Module w/TTL modulation (DC12V) *2  
* 532nm <30mW Laser module w/TTL modulation (DC12V)
* 650nm <150mW Laser module (DC5V) *2
* 650nm <100mW Laser module w/TTL modulation (DC5V) *3 

WE Focusable 532nm <100mW Laser Pointer (SD-302 1*18650)
WE Kaleidoscopic 532nm <30mW Laser Pointer (2*AAA)
WE Dot+Circle+Diffraction 532nm <10mW Laser (2*AAA) 
WE 532nm <5mW Laser Pointer (2*AAA)    
WE 405nm <200mW Laser Pointer (2*CR2)
WE 650nm <200mW Laser Pointer (2*CR2) 
WE He-Ne (632.8nm) <1mW Small Laser (DC12V)
WE He-Ne (632.8nm) <1mW  Laser (AC100V)

WE Waterproof 10W RGB LED Wash Light (w/IR Control /450lm) *2type
WE 9W RGB E27 Bulb type Light (w/IR Control /390lm)
WE 3W RGB E27 Bulb type Light (w/IR Control /130lm) w/PAR16 *6  Spare *3
WE Custom Dual RGB 3W*3 (18W/800lm) LED Lighting System (w/DMX Controll) *2
WE Custom Dual RGB 3W*3 (18W/800lm) LED Lighting System (Slave Unit) *2
WE Custom RGB 3W*3 (9W/400lm) LED Lighting System (w/IR 44Key Control) *2
WE 3OSC to RGB 3W*3 (9W/400lm) Driver (RGB Washer)
WE 3W RGB Flashlight (130lm) 
WE 3W UV (400nm) LED Flashlight *2
WE Blacklight *16+ (FL + LoV UV Neon Tube etc. sometype)
WE UV LED Light for Nail (14LED AM-3*4)

WE Laser Simulator (Halogen bulb + Scanner)
WE Strobe Unit (Signal Light)
WE Mini Multi Strobe (National BF-965P)
WE Kaleidoscope/Planetarium Projector *5 (Segatoys Mangekyorooms etc.)
WE Water Projector
WE Plasma Tube Display - Normal discharge 
WE Plasma Tube Display - Green Hipower *2
   (one is modified into handheld type for 2001bu VJ System@RGB3rd)
WE Plasma Tube Display - Twisted
WE Plasma Tube Display - Brain Figure
WE Plasma Ball Display *2type
WE Mini Disk Plasma *4Color (Blue/Green/Red/RGB Rainbow)
WE Mid Disk Plasma (RGB Rainbow w/Clock)
WE LoV Mini Neon *3Color (Blue/Green/Red)
WE Light Emitting Stick (LES)*10
WE ELF Controller *2+
WE LED Batton Type A (RGB)
WE LED Batton Type B (RGB
WE SSR Flicker Unit (5A) *3
WE 100W Tiny Dimmer *2
WE USB Sound Unit Mod for Laser Display

WE Red<>Blue Flicker
WE Tiny LED Light 9V Holder type *2 type (Max 100cd)
WE Tiny LED Light 9V Snap w/1W LED (Max20lm)
WE Tiny LED Light AM3*4 (Max100lm) *2
WE Tiny LED Light CR123*2 (Max150cd)
WE Tiny LED Light AM3*4 Cree5W (240lm@700mA)
WE Tiny LED Light AM3*4 Cree5W (430lm@1400mA)
WE Tiny LED Light AM3*4 COB*7 (500+ lm)
WE LED Work Lamp 5WCree*3 (Max1300lm) DC12V
WE LED Work Lamp 3W Warm*2 + 5W Cree (Max800lm) DC12V
WE LED Work Lamp 1W*6 + LED Panel *2 (Max2000lm) DC12V
WE CLF Panel Light DC12V
WE 006P Snap Cree3W 700lm
WE 006P Luxeon 3W 70lm

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

WE Tiny XY Scanner w/635nm <10mW 
WE Laser Spirogram 3 Micro w/650nm <5mW Laser
WE Laser Aurola d w/635nm <10mW Laser
WE Laser Aurola  a w/670nm <5mW Laser 
WE Laser Micro Vibe2 w/650nm <5mW Laser
WE Laser Aurola Box w/650nm <5mW Laser
WE Laser/ELF Dispaly System (for 2001bu VJ System@RGB3rd)
   * 3 ELF sequencial blinking
   * Handheld Hi-Powered Green Plasma Tube
   * Dual DC Neon Black Light
   * Wearable Regurator box
   * Laser modules : 532nm <5mW Pulse *1 & 635nm <5mW CW *2

WE Quad AD Flash Unit
WE Strobe Trigger Controller
WE 6 Strobe Fiber Display Unit
WE Wearable Ear Strobe
WE LED Impact Panel Light + Controller
WE EL Board
WE Compact EL Light w/Flicker
WE Trio EL Flicker (Namecard Holder)
WE Micro Multi Flicker Light (R/G/B LED + EL)
WE Micro EL + Hiblight LED
WE Hyblight LED w/Flicker
WE Cyber Jewelry 6 types

WE Dual 3A SSR Unit
WE SSR Unit 15 (20)A
WE Dimmer 20A 

[Tested PCB/Module]

* Preprogramed DMX Laser Controller PCB
* DMX512 8ch TTL Controller PCB
* MIDI to 0-10CV Converter PCB (Leprecon 54Ch)
* DMX512 RGB 4A LED Decoder/Driver *2 +1
* 44 Key IR Remote RGB 4A Driver *2
* 44 Key IR Remote RGB 2A Driver *4 
* 24 Key IR Remote RGB 2A Driver *2
* Tiny RGB 2A Driver 
* LED PWM Dimer 12V 8A *3

* Constant Current LED Driver *2type
* Constant Current LED/LD Driver (350/700/1250mA w/Monitor)
* Constant Current LED/LD Driver (1-1250mA w/Monitor)
* 4Way Color Organ w/4ch LED Driver (Sure Electronics)
* AKI-R/G/B LED Multi Indicator Kit (AVR Programmable)
* Serial Controlled 32 Dual Colored LED Unit *2
* LED Display (KAHO)
* RGB LED Flicker *2 (1W RGB  3W RGB/SMT)
* LED Flicker (SMT)
* LED Flicker (Tri 2Hz SMT) *2
* ELF Flicker w/Tilt AR Envelope Modulation (LM358)
* Envelope (A/R) LED Drive w/ Clk Generator (CA3140/555)
* LED Fadeout Module (Test PCB)
* LED Triangle OSC Fader *2
* VELLEMAN MK114 1ch Color Organ (DC)
* Voice Detect/AR Envelope (2072/LF356*2/PC817)
* 24dot Bar Level Indicator (2406*2)
* 20Bit Random Generator (MN5487/IRC0210*2/555)
* CV Envelope Generator+Gate Extender
* Dual Stepping Motor Controller + 6 Solenoid Driver (PMM8713*2/2003*2)
* PWM Motor Controller (4011/4069)
* 48Point LED (for LED Processor test)
* LED Candle simulated Light *2 type

* 635nm <5mW Laser Diode w/o Driver *1 
* 635nm <5mW Laser Diode w/ Driver *1 
* 650nm <100mW Laser Diode *5
* 650nm <5mW Laser Pointer *3 (sometype)
* 650nm <5mW Laser Module *4
* 670nm <5mW Laser Pointer *2 (sometype)
* 670nm <5mw Laser Module *13

* 532nm <100mW Laser Module >Defected
* 532nm <50mW Laser Module >Defected
* 532nm <10mW Laser Module >Defected

* Laser Driver (80 to 500mA w/TTL modulation) * 2
* APC PCB for 3V *3
* APC PCB for 5V *6
* Pickup Unit (for cheap Scanner) *24
* Pickup Unit (Other Type) *6
* Polygon Motor/Mirror *2
* Synchronus Motor 1/3rpm @AC110V *2
* Synchronus Motor 1/3rpm @AC240V *2
* Synchronus Motor 3rpm @AC12V *6
* Synchronus Motor 60rpm @AC100V *2
* Diffraction grating rotator w/DC motor *4

* EL *25+(sometype)
* EL Drive Kit (ELKIT KIT-1)
* EL Driver Unit L *4/S *3/for ELF *5
* EL Drive IC (ROHM BA3899F) *10
* CFL Driver (AKIZUKI)
* DC to FL Convertor *2 (TDK)
* LoV Neon Driver (IVIC)
* LoV Dual Color Neon Tube *2
* Lo V Neon tube *2+ (sometype)
* Strobe Tube *4+ (sometype)
* Mini Strobe Unit *2 (AKIZUKI)
* Strobe Flash Unit(?) *1+2


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]

WE ChamSys MagicDMX Full USB/DMX Interface
WE Entec OpenDMXUSB USB/DMX Interface
WE Entec D-Split DMX Splitter 1to4
WE AMERICAN DJ CyberPack DMX/MIDI 4ch Dimmer
WE CHD MXC-56 MIDI<>DMX Converter 
WE Peavey PC-1600x MIDI Univercal Controller 
   (modified additional external 8ch CV In w/buffer & DC Limit)
WE Behringer MIDI Controller BCR2000 (Rotary Encoder)
WE MK-49F 49Key Universal MIDI Keyboard 
   (w/Mod&Bend Wheel + Universal Control)

WE WPI-R/T 400MHz Printer(Centronics) Wireless System
WE Cheap Tranceiver *1set (DTMF TX/RX enable)
WE RC (Micro car>4ch 27MHz Control) 
WE Learning IR Remote Controller (5SW) *5
WE ?? IR Remote Controller
WE LAN IR Sensor (IODAta Ecobox-Net) *2
WE LAN Sensor/Controller (Aviosys IP Power9212)
WE Matel Power Grove Set

* CKD Air Cylinder FCDKL0-25-35 *2
* Koganei Air Solenoid Bulb 110M8F(2Way*2+3Way*4) 

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

* IR Remote Detect (Aki)
* Aki EPE 4position Sequencer
* AKI-PIC Programmer/Writer V4
* AKI-ROM Writer
* AKI-PIC Mother w/LCD
* AKI-Super H8 Devkit

* Rotary Encoder Decoder/8Bit Data Generator
  (4013 *1/4011 *1/5068B *2/HC193 *2/ACT540 *2)
* Anti Chattering SW (HC14 *1)


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]

WE 3.5" Liquid Crystal Display (RGBHV)
WE 4" Liquid Crystal Display (NTSC + RGBHV)
WE 5" Wide Liquid Crystal Display w/ NTSC to RGB Encoder 
WE 5" Wide Liquid Crystal Display w/o Encoder 
WE 5" Liquid Crystal Display (320*200 LCD Control)
WE 10"Liquid Crystal Display (640*480 VGA Sharp)
WE Monochrome CCD Camera (Security dome type)
WE Video RF/NTSC 2to1 Switch
WE LCD Shutter Glass(for 3D) *2
WE PC (ISA?) LCD Shutter Controller(for 3D)
WE Video LCD Shutter Controller(for 3D)
WE Play3DPC Set *2
   VGA Shutter Controller *2
   LCD Shutter Glass(for 3D) *4

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

WE Sensor Video Switch System
   (Piezo Sensor/Mic to Balanced line driver
    + Balanced Line Amp + Audio activated Switch w/hold  
    + 2to1 Video SW w/Sync(NTSC/CSync/VSync/BB all possible)
    etc. developed for FPI(Mr.Tsuyoshi Takashiro))
WE Selectable 2In + Distributed 3Out Video Buffer (9V)
WE TV Digital Color Pattern Genarator (with RGBC 0ut Kyoritsu) 
WE NTSC to RGBHV Encoder for Liquid Crystal Display (V7021 5V)
WE RGBHV to NTSC Convertor 
WE Dsub15-15 to RGBHV Buffer 
WE UHF Transmitter 


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]

WE Dynamic Life Shirt & Transmitter (Proximity /Distance sensing)
WE PIR Sensor (w/ID)
WE Bio Sensor (Heartbeat probe IR Reflect Earcuff 
   +Preamp /Seta for Nintendo64 - Planned to modify)

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

WE Sound System Test Tool
   -Pulse Genarator (4011)
   -Pink Noise Generator (MN5837/5532D)
    & Gated VCA (VCR/LM833*2)
WE Dual 30dot VU Meter (VELLEMAN+Original)
WE 10 band Realtime Analyzer (VELLEMAN 2dBstep 2/3Band)
WE Dual AC/DC VoltMeter/Buffer Out
WE Short Finder(very lo R Detector) 
WE Contact Probe(very lo R Detector) 
WE Contact Probe(Capacitance)
WE Audio Probe
WE Frequency Counter (.01-25MHz(19999))
WE Frequency Counter (.01-2.4GHz(8dgt))
WE DDS Oscillator 5V *2type
WE Oscilator (Sin/Tri/Rec/SinB 5-100kHz)
WE Oscilator (Square/test out &HP for sound alignment) 
WE VELLEMAN K8065 Audio Generator (DC)
WE Tiny Sinewave Oscillator (10-100kHz DC24V)
WE Precision Pink Noise Generator (Broad/IEC DC24V)
WE 3Way Detector(LeveIAnalyzer H/M/L 12dot)
WE Phase Checker (Generator + Detector)
WE Speaker Phase Checkcr 
   (2in1type -∞to+4dBm 80-12Khz Genout  Int/ExtMic Detect)
WE Cab1e Checker (XLR Male/Female&3P 0K/Short/Reverce detect) 
WE Wiring Allocation Tester 
   (Sender(16 Line Multiplex) + Receiver(1 Line Demultiplex))
WE Universal MIDI Data Generator type I(1st+2ndfix SW preset)
   w/Glove Switch(5Finger+Strobe Cable Sonsor)
WE Universal MIDI Data Generator type II
   (1st+2nd+value SW Preset +Encoder+Pot)
WE MIDI Beacon *2 (Male/Female type)
WE DMX Beacon *2 (XLR3/XLR5)
WE 16 Channel Logic Checker 
   (14ch addressable Trigger IN /built in triger(Pos/Neg))
WE Logic Pulse Generator (Mark* Space assignab1e 1μS-130mS TTL/CM0S)
WE RF Probe (LED Detect/RF to LED)  
WE RF Probe (Radicator/Bag Detector)
WE Metal Detector
WE Magnetic Field Detector (Linear Hall IC)
WE Magnetic Field Detector (Sens Coil)
WE Aurola Monitor (Sens Coil) 
WE Near field Capacitance Detector (Thelmin type senser)
WE IR Detector (IRTr to LED)
WE Transistor Tester (Go/NoGo 9V) 
WE Test Regulator (AC100 to DC+/-12 & +5)
WE Test Regulator (Int DC9V or ext DC9-30V to DC+5/DC+/-15)
WE Test Regulator (0riginal(9V to 500V Upvertor + 16*Multiplier)
WE Test Power Amp (Dual 15W)

WE Simple Theremin (V1)
WE Simple Theremin+CV 
WE Micro Theremin II
   (Digital Issue 105*75*20 >w/built in Poweramp + Speaker)
WE Gakken Theremin

WE Optical Flicker/Noise Detector
WE Optical Flicker/Noise & EMF/EMI Detector
WE Heartbeat Sensor/Preamp (Transducer Type)
WE IR Remote Controller w/Indicator
WE Nearfield Capacitance Detector
WE Bio Sensor Type I (EMG)
WE Ultrasonic Sensor (Linear CV Out)

[Tested PCB/Module]

* FET IDSS/VP Analyze
* FET VGS Analyzer w/Constant Current TypeI/TypeII

* V Meter Module *2
* V Meter (Sunlike/LED/Unit)
* RF Amp (Mini-Circuit MAV3)
* Touch/Nearfield Sensor (Doorknob Sensor)
* PIR Sensor (SW/Aki)*3
* IR Reflect Sensing Circuit (SW) *6
* Heart beat Mic (protocof sound) *8 (FUKUDA MA-240 + unknown unit)
* Matel(Pax) Power Glove Complete 
  + additional UltraSonic Sensor Frame
* Dual Function Generator (Tri/Squ Lo/Hi Freq 0.3-300Hz  LM566*2/TL072 DC+/-9`15V)
* Quad Function Generator (Tri/Squ Lo/Hi Freq 0.1-1MHz  NE566*4/TL074/LF356 DC24V)

* Digital Counter
* Noise Generator *2 Type
* 555Module

* Digital L Meter 
* Digital C Meter Adapter 
* Universal C board  
* Universal R board

*Dummy Load 
 2* w/Large HeatSync 8Ohm50W
 2* w/o Heatsync 8Ohm50W
 TRS L/R 15Ohm25W for HeadPhones Dummy

* Sound to LED (SMT) *2 type
* GSR/Skin Temp LED Modulation Drive (AD620/LF356*3/4072*2/4069)
* GSR LED Modulation Drive (LM555/NJM4151/AD712/LM566)
* Piezo Film Vibration Sensor (LM358) *3 (1*Small 2*SMT)
* Piezo Film to AR Envelope LED Drive (SMT)
* 3AX Accel to RGB LED (SMT)
* 2AX Accel to +/-5Bar RB LED (LM358)
* Accelerometer Sensor (2Axis LM358)
* Piezo Film X/Y Sensor (LM358)
* Gyro X/Y Sensor (LM358)
* Heart Rate (Optical) Sensor (OPA380/LM358)
* Range/Distance to Modulated LED (555/LM358)
* Optical Flicker/Noise Sensor (LED Only)
* OPtical Flicker/Noise Sensor (LED & Audio )
* Vibration (Tilt) Sensor w/fade
* Touch Sensor (Small/Relay) *2
* Touch Sensor (Linear Out//4069)
* PIR Detecter (Linear Out//LF356/4558DD)
* Aurora Monitor (Analog Out//LM4250/LF356/LM358)
* Ultrasonic Measure w/DA converter
  * AKI Ultrasonic Range Meter 
  * 8Bit D/A PCB (LF356/MC1408/74HCT125*2) 
* 16ch Piezo Amp + Isolate Switch (4741*4/4ch Photo Coupler*4)         
* Sensor Processor 
  (4* Audio In + Audio Buffered out + AC/DC Convert
   4* CV Buffer + CV Indicator etc.)

Vestax Beat1
Korg MA-1
AriaPro BC-100

* Test Regulator
  +/-15V 50mA w/AC100V transformer on PCB
  +/-15V +5V 1A Regulator PCB
  +/-12V 1A Regulator PCB
* Rail Splitter (Max 36V In +/-18V A5 Out LA6500)

*...and so many sensors w/ so many types...*


[Readymade System/Equipment/Module]

WE Ionizer (Minus Ion/Ozone Generator) *11(mod)
WE Ultrasonic FOG generator module
WE Solar Turntable
WE Metronome Korg MA-1BKRD
WE Metronome Vestax Beat1
WE Metronome AriaPro BC-100

WE Telephone Module
WE Telephone HeadSet System
WE Telephone Storobe Ringer

WE 18650 Charger *3 types (1/2/ 3w/Mobile Battery Function)
WE NiCd/NiMH Charger Toshiba AM1/2/3/4/006P
WE NiCd/NiMH Charger Fujifilm AM3/4 w/Quick/Refresh
WE Solar NiCd/NiMH Charger (AM3*8/Max6V80mA*2 + 6V55mA*1 6V210mA)
WE Battery Tester 2types

18650 Charger
for 1cell
for 2cell
for 3cell w/Mobile Battery

[Tested Complete (Original/Semicustom)]

WE Perfume Diffuser (Ultrasonic / Original)
WE Telephone Auto Switcher

[Tested PCB/Module]

* Ultrasonic Generator *3
* SSR IC 12A *4 (S112S01)
* SSR Module 12ADual *2 (MITSUBISHI)
* Dimmer 20A (AKIZUKI) *3 (2* w/external controll) 
* Dimmer 40A (AKIZUKI)

* DC12V Reg w/AM-3*8 *2 DC2.1 Plug Out  *2
* DC12V Reg w/CR-123*4 DC2.1 Plug Out
* 006P Snap 3Para to DC2.1 Plug Out w/PlugAdapter
* 006P Snap DC2.1 Plug Out
* 006P Snap *2 Series to DC2.1 Plug Out *2
* DC2.1 Recep Para to DC2.1 Plug Out
* DC2.1 Recep *2 Series to DC2.1 Plug Out

* USB Male/Female Noise Filter (Reg only)
* USB to MicroUSB Plug Long*1 Short*1
* CDMA type Phone Charger w/CR123*1
* SmartPhone Charger (MicroUSB) Softbank/AirJ  
* SmartPhone Charger/USB DC5V DC/DC (AM3*2) *9+2 >Noisy!
* SmartPhone Charger/USB DC5V DC/DC (006P Snap Input DC3V) *3
* DC/DC 2V3 to 5V In 5V to 25V Out 5W
  (006P SNap In Micro USB)
* LDO DC5VA5 Regulator  
* Switching DC5VA5 Regulator
* AM3*8 DC12V DC2.1 *2+1

Smart phone Charger
Tama LD30S3 Lithium AAA*2 A6
Tama TD326W AM-3*6 1A5

6-14V in 5V1A5 
6-14V in 5V1A5 USB Female *3

2V7-5V5in 3V5-24V 9W *2 (for DC+/-)
4V-30Vin 4V-40V 9W *2 (for DC+/-)

10-40V in 5V3A USB Female
4V5-14V in 5V 6A USB Female

[Not Tested]

* Dual ch Heartbeat Sensor (IR Reflect Type)
* Selectable 2In + Distributed 3Out Video Buffer 
* MIDI RS-422 Tranceiver *2 (PS2001/74HC14/75179B)
* NCU Controller (4012B/4541B/4584B/5218)  
WE* Bag Detector (Radicator//5534DD)

[Not soldered]

* Prg Change Detect-SWDecoder (HC75/HC85/HC138/HC533/HC688)
* MIDI Data Receiver (PS2001/IR2C02*2/4002/HC4060/4093)
* Digital Data to/from Analog Convertor

* Dual 2.9 W Power Amp
* Single 20 W Power Amp
* VHF Transmitter (RF Mod)
* UHF Transmitter (RF Mod)

[PCB only]

* Multi Circuit PCB (ETI)
* Multi Circuit PCB a (EPE)
* Multi Circuit PCB b *2 (EPE)
* Touch SW A 
* Touch SW B
* Capacitance Tester
* 3 AV In 1 Out Switcher
* 200 Line RGB to Composit Convertor

Jun 2021

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