Effect Send/Return Unit
and other special purpose
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Effect Send Buffer


Effect Send/Return (SendSelect)


Effect Send/Return (SendMix)

Channel Effect Send (Send only)

3to1 Cue Select/Mix - Relay
(Logic inhibit 3to1/mix select/summing)

3to1 Cue Select/Mix - AnalogSW
(Logic inhibit 3to1/mix select/summing)
& Complex Level Indicator


Soft Function Cue Select:3 to 1/or both logic select function
Special Level Indicator:Grn12dB→Org12dB→Red12dB similar like 36dot indication in 1!LED

Phono/Line remote select w/FX function & Cue Send


Aux A/B(w/trim) remote select w/FX function & Cue Send


FX mixed Send/Return buffer


Controller Select (Linear/Rotary)
(Noise-less swiching like a XFader)




Urei1620 Cue Mix Retrofit

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