3Way Divider/Isolator
(Bozak UK Iso-X rebuild)
(C)2013 Hassy All Right Reserved

Rebuild into short signal pass /extremely improve

-18dB/Oct HPF as High / -18dB/Oct LPF as Lo

-18dB/Oct BPF as Mid

Input Buffer / Summing/Output Buffer


LMH_Unity / LMH_Max

L_Unity_MH_Min / L_Max_MH_Unity

M_Unity_LH_Min / M_Max_LH_Unity

H_Unity_LM_Min / H_Max_LM_Unity

LM_Unity_H_Min / LH_Unity_M_Min

More rebuild & improve
(w/Regulator replace into +/-24V & +/-16V
XOver frequency change )







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