Bozak/Bozak UK Customize
(not included only improve)
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Cue<>PGM mix mod (Retrofit)

Conductive Plastic Pot Cue<>PGM XFader
w/Constant Current Dual FET Source Followers
(Very Lo Noise/THD Replaceable Plug In Module)

No Signal
(60/120...& 12KHz is environmental noise
not shielded bare full dicrete circuit
should pick up environmental noise easily)

Ach25%_1KHz / AchHalf_1KHz
(2KHz is the distortion of 1KHz Oscillator)

Ach75%_1KHz / AchMax_1KHz

Bch25%_1KHz / BchHalf_1KHz

Bch75%_1KHz / BchMax_1KHz


AchPink_Bch1KHz_Ach25%-Bch75% / AchPink_Bch1KHz_Ach75%-Bch25%

AchPink_Bch1KHz_AchMax / AchPink_Bch1KHz_BchMax

Output Transformer

Audio Transformer Output Test
(Urei525's Output Transformer)

Phono #1 to Main Out w/Audio Transformer

Transformer Balanced Output

Effect Send mix & Return

Effect Send summing buffer
(virtual ground mix)
& Return FET Buffer

Ch Send FET Buffers

Bozak/Bozak UK Customize I
Bozak/Bozak UK Customize II
Bozak/Bozak UK Customize III

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