Temp DJ Systems
(only a part)
(C)2003-2006 Hassy All Right Reserved
for Junior

for CX
(PMC-CX Demo/Development Issue)

for Tomiie
(R1MKII Demo/Development Issue)

Other Demo/Development Issue (1st. time used in Japan)F
Ecler Scrat200vs (for Derick) / Ecler Nuo5 (unknown) etc...

Temp System Processing (part)

Temp DJ Set processing F
DJMixer HouseOut ¨ FloatingTransformer ¨ Neve33609 ¨ GroundFloating ¨ Urei1620 Line

Booth monitor sysyemF
DJMixerBoothOut ¨ dbx160A ¨ BSS FCS960 ¨ MeyerWedge
(C)2000-2019 Hassy All Right Reserved
Meta Design Work

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