Xone:62 Modify/Improve
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Effect Send/Return function
Ch Send & XFader X/Y Send w/mute
& Send Master
Cure the errata
(several wrong electronics design of A&H)












Line#1 as Effect Return

AUX as Effect Send
AUX Master Gain
VCF/XFader X to AUX with Mute Switch
VCF/XFader Y to AUX with Mute Switch







additional Effect Loop function
(selectable with Effect Send/Return function)

Loop Out/In buffer & Loop/Thru Control








I/O Remote Control
Line#1 Input as Effect Return or Effect Loop In
AUX OUT as Effect Send or Effect Loop Out

Effect Send/Return or Effect Loop Select
Mode Indicator (Send/Return :Blue Loop but Thru :Green Loop :Red)
SR/Loop Select Switch (up :Send/Return down :Loop)
Loop/Thru Switch (left :Thru Right :Loop)



Effect Send/Return mode

Effect Loop mode - Thru/Loop

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