Bozak CMA-10-2DL
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L/R Gang Error/Tolerance


Analyze -Noise
Analyzer own noise



Direct vs Loop Noise
InMin @Tape Out
InMin/BoothMin/EqFlat @BoothOut
InMin/BoothMax/EqFlat @BoothOut
InMin/PGM/CueMin @Cue Out
InMin/PGM/CueMax @Cue Out
Phono#1 Max @Tape Out
Phono#2 Max @Tape Out
InMin/EqFlat/DirectMode/MasterMax @Master Out
InMin/EqFlat/LoopMode/MasterMax @Master Out
InMin/EqMin/DirectMode/MasterMax @Master Out
InMin/EqMax/DirectMode/MasterMax @Master Out

Analyze -Frequency
Pink Noise to Analyzer Direct
Aux1Max/EqFlat/Direct/MasterMax @Master Out
Aux1Max/EqMin/Direct/MasterMax @Master Out
Aux1Max/EqMax/Direct/MasterMax @Master Out
Line1/PanPot Align/EqFlatAlign BoothMax @Booth Out
Line1/PanPot Align/EqFlatAlign/PGM CueMax @Cue Out

Reference 1kHz
Phono#1 1kHz PhonoIn7/Master7 @Master Out
Phono#2 1kHz PhonoIn7/Master7 @Master Out
Phono#1 PinkNoise PhonoInMax/MasterMax @Master Out
Phono#2 PinkNoise PhonoInMax/MasterMax @Master Out

Eq Phase rotatoin problem
and alignmented to improve L/R tolerance
L/R Eq Flat
Worst case#1 L Lo/Hi Flat & R Lo Min Hi Max
R ch delayed as frequency
Worst case#2 L Lo/Hi Flat & R Lo Max Hi Min
R ch advanced as frequency

L/R Eq Alignmented as "Flat"
L/R Eq "Min"
L/R Eq "Max"

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