Bozak Iso-X II
(almostly full custom/rebuild
into "true" Full-Discrete)
(C)2013 Hassy All Right Reserved
Full Discrete OPAmp
(2520 type)

J-FET Discrete Buffer
(Complimentary Source Follower)



Discrete Regulator
(Precision feedback +/-24V)

I/O Section

3Way_LMH_Flat / 3Way_LMH_Max

3Way_LH-Min_M-Flat / 3Way_LH-Flat_M-Min

4Way_LMH-Center_SL-Min / (SubLo is Lo Boost function)

4Way_LMH-Flat_SL80-Flat / 4Way_LMH-Flat_SL80-Max

4Way_LMH-Flat_SL100-Flat / 4Way_LMH-Flat_SL100-Max

4Way_SL80-Flat_L-Min_MH-Flat / 4Way_SL80-Max_LMH-Max

4Way_SL100-Flat_L-Min_MH-Flat / 4Way_SL100-Max_LMH-Max

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