Crown/Amcron D-75 Mod/Rebuild/Improve
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(non inductive WireWound Resistors & PP Capacitors)

(SBR 100V40A Lo Noise Diode Bridge /
directly voltage selected into AC100V)

(non inductive Metal Plate Resistors w/Heatsync
LEDs replaced hiblight type w/lo current drive)

(rewiring w/Mogami OFC wires)

(DC+/-30V & DC+/-18V Regulators
Balanced Input rebuild & Speaker Protection)

(Cable clamp for AWG14 OFC Power Cable
Fuse Holder relocated)

(FuseHolder relocated
for AWG14 OFC Power Cable)

(Conductive Plastic Potentiometers)

(HeadPhones Out Attenuator
w/non inductive WireWound Resistors)

AC Cable replace/rewiring

(AWG14 OFC Power Cable w/Marinco AC Plug)

Regulator rebuild
(Main DC+/-30V)

Regulator rebuild
(Very Lo Noise DC+/-18V
rebuild Input/GainAmp/IOC Detect
for DC+/-18V Drive , not DC+/-10V)

(LEDs Power Indicator , instead of Neon Lamp)
((Monitor of DC+/-18V Regulator))

Speaker Protect

(Output Mute @Power On /DC Detect/Power Off
w/Internal Dummy Load L/R Indivisual processing)

(5A Power Relay 2C Parallel connection)

Balanced Input rebuild

Dummy Loads
(for Speaker & HeadPhones)

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