Mpeg-4 (asf) Files

Bar-Kitsune Jun.9th 2001
Performance (asf 785KB)
PrePlay (asf 1.08MB) PostPlay (asf 314KB)
Perform:(C)2001 D-Style / Movie:(C)2001 Hassy
almostly sound only

System2001 Demo Movie
Demo1 (1.5MB) Demo2 (1.5MB)
Demo3 (1.5MB) Demo4 (1.3MB)
Perform & Movie:(C)2001 D-Style
Capture & Edit:(C)2001 Hassy

Lozi & Phirip
Intercollege Dec. 2000
Lozi & Phirip(7.6MB)
Performed by Lozi and Phirip
(C)2000-2002 Hassy All Right Reserved

Club Vuenos Shibuya Dec.3rd 2000
052-s/2001bu(6.6MB) WarHead(1.8MB)
Performed by 2001bu/WarHead
(C)2000 Hassy All Right Reserved

Enbusai (Memorial of Mr.Tatsumi Hijikata)
Asbestos Jan.21st 2000
#1(1.6MB) #2(4.2MB) #3(1.3MB)
Performed by Mr.Taketo Ohno Ms.Akiko Motofuji
and Ankoku Butoh members
(C)2000 Hassy All Right Reserved

The Arbitrary Calculation of Pathological Amusement
SRL Yoyogi Dec.23th 1999
#1(1.0MB) #2(2.3MB) #3(3.8MB) #4(6.9MB) #5(1.7MB)
Performed : Survival Research Laboratories
and ICC crewes
(C)2000 Hassy All Right Reserved

(C)2000-2019 Hassy All Right Reserved
Meta Design Work

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